mentora foundation

Mentora Educational Foundation’s global vision transcends political and cultural boundaries and advocates for human dignity, universal rights and freedoms for all regardless of ethnicity, gender, religion, physical ability, family structure, and socioeconomic status. We see world class education as the main vehicle to fulfill this vision of peace, prosperity, and happiness for humankind. We aspire to produce cutting-edge knowledge and leadership for the benefit of our students, the academic community and beyond. The Mentora Educational Foundation promotes an academically focused, challenging and stimulating learning experience. With this in mind, it is supporting the launch of Mentora International Charter School and partnering with other charter schools in New York that share its vision.

Mentora Education Foundation is backed by 46 years of educational experience with leaders in the international arena of education. Bahcesehir Ugur Educational Institutions (BUEI) is one of the largest providers of education globally and education is its only focus. BUEI operates a network of elementary and secondary schools (Bahcesehir K12), colleges and universities (Bahcesehir University) , and test preparation centers (Ugur Preparatory Center). The Mentora Educational Foundation was established to build upon this vast network of schools, programs and expertise, extending its services and support in the United States of America.

Bahcesehir K12
Bahcesehir K12 includes a network of pre-schools, primary schools and high schools, all with the aim of providing each student with 21st century skills. Key characteristics of Bahcesehir K12 schools include personalized education based on assessed learning styles and skills, flexible classrooms to facilitate instruction for diverse learners, multi-lingual instruction, technology integration for teaching and learning, experiential science, and a focus on global citizenship.

Bahcesehir University
Bahcesehir University (BAU) is a leader in offering global higher educational opportunities to its students. BAU’s international satellite campuses give students the chance to study abroad in some of the world’s great cities. BAU university campuses are located in Washington, D.C., Istanbul, Berlin, Hong Kong, Silicon Valley, Rome, Toronto and other economic and cultural centers. Students take university courses in their field of study while discovering different cultures and learning new languages. Its education faculty is a global leader in preparing teachers in educational technology integration, language instruction and global education. BAU will be a partner to Mentora International Charter School, providing professional development for faculty and global travel and educational opportunities, including online courses and college test preparation resources, for students.

BAU International
BAU International is located in Washington, D.C. and will provide Mentora students with opportunities to explore their nation’s capital and its deep ties to the rest of the world.

Mentora College
Mentora College offers a dynamic intensive English language training program in Washington, D.C. to students from all over the world. Mentora International Charter School will leverage its expertise in innovate language instruction to support faculty and develop students who speak and understand multiple languages.

BAU Global Network

BAU Higher Education Model